Computer Consultancy

For home based PCs and small company networks.

It used to be that part of the “computing experience” was to work out what was needed (specification of hardware and software), buy the bits and then put it all together, load the software, and then plug in the peripherals (printer, scanner, modem etc) and spend time getting it all to work.

No longer. Now, it is easy and cheap to go to any retailer and buy what you want, plug in your all-in-one printer/scanner/photocopier and it all works. Most of the time…

But, there are occasions when help is required, even for some basic things. So, typically we are asked to install and configure a broadband service, offer some basic training and hand-holding. We do this at your home or place of work, at a time that suits you.

And, on rare occasions, PC’s still break. When you’ve got a recalcitrant computer and you’ve spent hours waiting on the helpline at too many pence per minute, sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes. Most of the time, we’ve, got it sussed. If we can’t, we will point you in the right direction or supply the gizmo. It may not be the absolute cheapest option, but it will be cost effective. And we’ll still be here in another 10 years time.

And we are also AVG Resellers. We recommend, supply and install AVG products for your peace of mind. Prices are published on their website. There is still the famous AVG Free, but this isn’t a panacea, so talk to us for more information.

We’ve supplied, recommended and fixed PC’s and small networks for more than 20 years, for individuals and companies. We don’t necessarily know all the answers, and if this is the case, we can get help from someone who does – and you won’t get fleeced.